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The Family International

The Family International (TFI) shares the message of God’s love with people around the world through its international Christian community. It has grown into a worldwide organization since the 1960s boasting membership in over 90 countries.

In establishing a global missionary network the Family International has transformed over the 42 years since its establishment but despite the evolution in membership structure and methods, the central message remains unchanged in that “God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16) and “God is love … [and] since God so loved us, we ought also to love one another” (1 John 4:8,11 NIV).

Sharing the message of God’s love with people around the globe is what the Family International (TFI) commits itself to. It is our belief that everyone can share the good news of God’s love through motivating others by being afforded peace of mind and happiness to develop a personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. Despite embracing some untraditional doctrines our deep-seated beliefs are generally in sync with those held by Christians the world over. A key feature of our devotion and Christian lives is the application of the foundation principle of God’s Law of Love taught by Christ Jesus, that is, to love God, and to love our neighbor as ourselves which discharges “all the law and the prophets” (Matthew 22:37–40).


Religious and Racial forbearance—The foundation of a Pluralistic World

An essential part of the Christian faith is to accept and tolerate different people from all walks of life by teaching them a Gospel that does not have any boundaries regarding nationality, color or ethnicity. TFI has ministered in over 150 countries since the movement was founded in 1968 and comprises a membership spanning over 100 nationalities with typically multiracial communities and peoples.

One of our strongest beliefs lies in the fact that we are opposed to racial and religious discrimination by creating a pluralistic society through tolerance and understanding by shunning prejudice in all forms. In doing so, we preserve the tenet that each person is created in the image of God while respect for each person should always be upheld and that human life is sacred.

Despite the complexities of society, it is our belief that the solution to mankind’s problems lies in the love of God. In addition to vigorous participation in various humanitarian and relief efforts, our aim as a religious and social service organization is to translate these principles into practical aspects of the word of God through hope, love and salvation.

The Family International produces and distributes various publications focusing on education, inspiration and devotion to millions of people all over the world every year. You can have a look at viewpoints to sample our material that deals with numerous topics.

We offer a distinguished monthly publication known as Activated that is published in more than 20 languages worldwide. Every month the issues focused on activating God’s power in our lives through topics ranging from creating an



understanding of how to apply spiritual principles practically and topics that are important tour daily lives.

Our members offer seminars and classes to provide additional opportunities for people’s spiritual development teaching every person to develop a personal relationship with God including essential aspects of his teachings as found in the Holy Scripture and their application in our lives while improving relationships with others as well as predicting future events as read provided in the Bible among other things.

Members are assisted around the globe by the existing administrative structure of the Family International right down to the regional level.

The Family International’s administrative and spiritual directors are Steve Kelly and Karen Zerby also known by their pen names as Peter Amsterdam and Maria Fontaine.

Family International’s administrative body is TFI Services. Both the administrative and publications arm of the Family International is handled by TFI Services and provides various services to Family missionaries including mission-related counsel for members across the globe and the publication of devotional content; aiding mission centers under operation in developing nations including those under emergency; payout of tithes and donations to fund TFI services and helping mission works and programs through sponsorship.


A membership charter which codifies the responsibilities, beliefs and rights of the Family members was adopted by the family in 1995. The TFI charter codifies our administration while summarizing goals and beliefs of our movement and the most important beliefs together with our statement of faith.

Members and communities of TFI operate in parallel within the general confines of the Charter while being joined together by a common faith and purpose. As such mission and goals are established by each member and mission as explained in our mission statement within the structure of the Family international’s principles.

People of every race, culture, nationality or gender are invited to participate and become members of the Family International. Our fellowship comprises membership from over 100 countries. Eligibility for Family membership is determined by your ability to contribute to the Family International’s mission including the acceptance of the tenets of our statement of faith in line with choice and personal ability as enshrined in our mission statement.

Personal integrity and ethical conduct are expected from members both in their personal and professional lives.


TFI Family Members

TFI Family Members

Past TFI members: Since the inception of TFI, more then 35000 people have devoted their lives to service to God and fellow man with the Family International at some point in time. A good number are no longer actively involved having opted to pursue other vocations or retire after devoting years to missionary work. To those that have given their time and effort in missionary work with the Family and have since left our fellowship, we remain forever indebted.

Contact the Family International nearest you.

Building a healthier World

The life-giving message of salvation, hope and love in the word of God in improving the quality of life of others is the primary goal that is shared by the TFI. Even in the multifaceted and hectic world of today, God’s love that is used on a practical level in our daily lives is the means to solving many of society’s problems. By conveying the message of guidance and hope found in the Bible’s wisdom we are of the strong belief that that we can strive towards structuring a better world altering the globe one soul at a time.


Multiple programs have been established for Family members to give support the needy all over the world including the staging of theatrical and musical events for the disadvantaged in various countries; supporting refugee camps, disaster relief, humanitarian efforts; providing personal counsel in juvenile detention centers and prisons; rehabilitating drug users; offering encouragement and help to the sick, elderly and underprivileged while holding seminars for educators and parenting as well as stress and time management including personal counseling sessions. Members are also engaged with relief organizations at the national and international level to provide hope to those in hardship and distress as well as help, comfort, supplies and food.

Formerly known as the Children of God, TFI has had a colorful history since its establishment in 1968. Since then, members have traversed the world spreading the Faith in over 100 countries through audio visual material, song and literature. In this way, The Family of God has defied all odds in building a global Christian following of independent and self-supporting communities as it continues to reach out to those in need by sharing the message of Faith all over the world in disaster relief, humanitarian aid, seminars and personal counseling

The Family International was founded in 1968 at Huntington Beach, California when our founder David Brandt Berg (1919-1994) fondly referred to as “Father David”, along with his wife and teenage children began ministering the Gospel to the counterculture youth in the seaside settlement. In developing a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, many experienced remarkable changes in their lives. (You can refer to the writings of David Brandt Berg known as “MO Letters”).

Borne out of thus was the decision by many of them to devote their lives to serving God and fellow man. Having grown to about 100 members during 1969, TFI became dubbed by the news media as the “Children of God”. 3 years later full time members around the world numbered 130. This community attained recognition in 1978 and became known as the Family.

All through its history, the Family International has undergone various changes in structure subsequently developing into an international organization. Members of the Family and communities are governed by their own initiative and decisions operating within the framework of the Family Charter.

TFI Members Performing

TFI Members Performing

TFI is recognized for its humanitarian and missionaries all over the world. By 2010, 35 million people had prayed with our members to receive the eternal gift of God’s salvation while members of the Family have shared the message of the Gospel with over 298 million people. Conversely, production and distribution in more than 20 languages has been carried out by TFI over the last 42 years of over 1.1 billion pieces of Gospel literature in 61 languages including over 2.2 million videos and 12.8 million audio tapes/CDs/DVDs.

Mission Statement

The Family International (TFI) is a global Christian community devoted to sharing the message of God’s love with nations around the world. Our aim is to convey the message of hope and spiritual revival through the unqualified love of Jesus Christ that is not limited to borders or boundaries of race, creed or social status. We make every effort to create a difference in the world by providing divine answers to the challenges faced in life by translating the love of God into acts of kindness and sympathy through the improvement of the lives of others. In doing so it is our aim to follow the example of Jesus’ ministry that was “to preach the Gospel … to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind” (The Bible, Luke 4:18 NKJV).

Our commitment is to:

Make the World a Better Place to live in: Sharing God’s message of love for humankind.

Changing a part of the world through the people found within that region by empowering them through developing a personal relationship with God is our passion. We endear to create an enabling and active environment for the relevance of values to daily life and Christian ethics and disseminating the good news of salvation and the love of God.

Spiritual Growth: Giving religious and poignant support for dealing with the challenges of contemporary life.

TFI members provide opportunities for people’s spiritual development through means such as personal counseling and coaching, support groups, seminars, retreats, and personal comfort and encouragement in times of distress or hardship. Members also engage in a variety of educational and character-building programs for children, as well as faith-based instruction for parents and educators.

Different avenues for spiritual development are provided by TFI members like encouragement during hardships or when stressed, personal comforting, retreats, seminars, support groups as well as personal coaching and counseling. There is focus on children that members engage in as well like various character-building and educational programs including instruction based on faith for educators and parents alike.

Humanitarian Assistance: Improving the standard of life of those lacking hope as well as the underprivileged and the homeless.

The Family International fraternity endeavors to cater for the needs of others through a numerous charitable efforts, such as disaster relief efforts, helper training, improving the competence of the disadvantaged, learning initiatives and institutions for the underprivileged, sustainable development programs, charity shows, computer learning initiatives, medical assistance, food and aid supply, HIV and drug consciousness, help, and avoidance. Members also make available emotional and religious support for volunteers, and hold visitation programs in hospitals, orphanages, refugee camps, and homeless shelters.

International Media Contact

Email: publicaffairs@thefamily.org

Phone: 202-298-0838

Contact for Media in Europe

Family Information Desk

Email: info@thefamilyeurope.org

Phone: +44 (0)203 291 2571

+44 (0)845 680 0521

United Kingdom


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