Five Reasons to Take Family Mission Trips by The Family International

July 24, 2012 in Evangelizing, Missionary Work, The Family International, Volunteering

Taking a mission trip as a family with The Family International is exciting, challenging and rewarding. The most obvious challenges, or the things that generally stop families from making mission trips together are:

  • Cost
  • Health
  • Schooling

Those challenges will be present in just about any travel scenario, so you just have to plan and work around them. If God has called your family to take a mission trip together, you can be sure that He will open the doors and provide your family with opportunity to let your light shine.

Five reasons to take a mission trip with your family and The Family International:

1. Your kids get to see God’s love in action, and actually be a part of that action. It gets kids out of their own little world and reaching out to others. Many children are more free to reach out and interact with strangers during a mission trip environment than they would be at home. It builds their confidence to share God’s love.
2. It creates fabulous family memories. You can be sure it will be an experience your kids won’t
forget. That doesn’t mean that it will be perfect. Likely your children will experience things they
are not used to, like extreme heat and no air conditioner, new foods, lack of media, and other
things that will challenge them. But, they will still most likely emerge with some valuable life
lessons, and great memories.

The Family International Mission Trips

The Family International Mission Trips

3. Experiencing another culture. A broad world view is such an important thing to give your
children. Through experiencing another culture you children will understand true want and
true abundance much better. When they see children playing soccer with a ball made of tightly
wound plastic bags in a muddy field, yet still having a blast, they might think about complaining
a little less.
4. Great educational value. There is a wealth of education to be had though learning some of the
history, religious beliefs, culture and geography of the country or region you are visiting. While
your kids might not do much book work during your trip, this kind of education will help shape
their thinking.
5. Break Routine. Routines are great, but sometimes you just have to break out of them, give new things a chance to happen, air our relationships, and see each other with new eyes. A mission trip offers your family that opportunity.


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